Paul Fawkesley

Engineer, founder, maker 🛠

Growing a business, raising a toddler, working on climate.


🌍 Climate work

Just Stop Oil

In April 2022 I disrupted an ExxonMobile oil terminal as part of Just Stop Oil.

I represented myself at trial and gave this speech.

The trial was covered by the Times, Independent, BBC and many others.

Clean Air Liverpool

In spring 2023 I led Clean Air Liverpool, a campaign to put air pollution onto the local election agenda.

Improving our house

Currently I'm insulating and electrifying our house. We will soon stop burning fossil gas.

This is a big project! See progress updates here.

🛠️ Work & projects

By day I'm building treasure hunt games with my good friend Ian.

I've built PGP software for teams and for several years I ran Expirybot, a reminder service to make life easier for PGP users.

I've built software for printing machines and high-speed network devices, scraped and analysed data for ScraperWiki, Shelter and Global Witness, built backends for Government Digital Service, created the whole stack for Sea Level Research and kicked off the NHS Digital Transformation.

I have a first class MEng degree in Engineering (Digital Communications) from Durham University.

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