Paul Fawkesley

Packaging Python for Windows with Pyinstaller and Wine

If you’ve ever had to deploy Python on Windows you’ll know it’s a headache. If, like me, you develop in Linux, it’s a positive migraine. Hopefully I can help…

I’ve used Pyinstaller v1.5 in the past quite a bit with some success but doing so in Wine on Linux has always been a bit flaky. Since Pyinstaller-2.0 came out a while back I felt it was only right to revisit and see if I could make a more robust setup.

Today I knocked up some scripts to help create and manage a dedicated Wine “build” environment and run Pyinstaller inside Wine to create a “frozen” standalone Windows executable file from your Python source.

Visit the project on GitHub¬†or clone the repo and get involved. On the first run it’ll give you instructions on setting up your dedicated wine environment, but you won’t need to do this again.

$ git clone
$ ./ /path/to/my/ MyProject

… and *fingers crossed* out pops /tmp/MyProject.exe

Feel free to have a play, fork the code, let me know what you think.


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