Paul Fawkesley

Arduino Due, Cortex-M3 and robots with radios

I recently learned that the new Arduino Due shares a processor architecture with the board I used for my Masters robotics project back in 2009. The ARM Coretex-M3 was a powerful beast - running it at a mere 8MHz was easily sufficient for my needs!

It was a great project in which I got to design and build some robots, design a PCB and write a tonne of embedded C to get the things talking to each other. It seemed wrong to let it languish unopened on my machine, so I thought I’d put it out there.

I’ve uploaded the whole project write-up along with a summary and visual highlights, all of which can be found here

Mobile robot with ARM coretex M3 processor, as found in the Arduino Due

The PCB on top is a Luminary Micro evaluation board with an ARM Coretex-M3 processor. I designed the PCB below that board and the sensors housings mounted on the front and back of the chassis.

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