Paul Fawkesley

Otterspool Park, The Mersey Forest

A woman and a toddler walking towards a Victorian rail bridge.

Today we visited Otterspool Park, part of the Mersey Forest.

Here are some notes and photos as part of our wider exploration of the whole forest.

We cycled along the waterfront, turning inland at Jericho Lane. We locked the bikes to bike loops opposite Otterspool Adventure and its nice cafe.

A path led all the way to the entrance to the forest and nature reserve.

It’s a linear forest with a well-paved path that passes under a fabulous Victorian rail bridge.

A paved footpath leading to a rail bridge with trees either side and steep banks.

We scrambled up a very steep bank to a high level path.

A leaf-covered rough path at a high level.

The photos don’t really do it justice: although small, we felt very immersed in a beautiful forest.

Various species of English tree.

There was a cool tunnel that led through a steep part of the hill.

A steep bank leading up to a tunnel.

And some interesting rock formations next to the path.

A steep rock-face beside the path.

It was a lovely patch of forest with a big variety of trees, some quite mature. Being in a sort of valley made it very tranquil despite being close to civilisation.

We loved it here and will definitely come back ❤️

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