Paul Fawkesley

Python PEP8 Style Guide Checker for Vim

Using Pathogen, Syntastic and flake8

The PEP8 style guide for Python is great - if you aren’t already using it, I strongly recommend it, especially if you’re working with others.

This post is a super quick guide to integrating a PEP8 checker with Vim on Ubuntu 12.04LTS. Every time you save, PEP8 recommendations will be shown in the leftmost column of Vim. We’ll be using Pathogen, Syntastic and Flake8 (which itself wraps pep8, pyflakes and mccabe).

If you aren’t already using it, install Pathogen, a Vim package manager:

<br /> $ mkdir -p ~/.vim/autoload ~/.vim/bundle<br /> $ curl '' > ~/.vim/autoload/pathogen.vim<br />

Make pathogen run when starting up vim. <br /> $ echo 'call pathogen#infect()' >> ~/.vimrc<br />

If you don’t already have the following lines in your ~/.vimrc file, you’ll need to add these too: <br /> syntax on<br /> filetype plugin indent on<br />

Test that pathogen is installed (inside vim). If you get an error it’s probably because you’ve omitted 'call pathogen#infect()' <br /> :Helptags<br />

Install latest Syntastic syntax checker. <br /> $ cd ~/.vim/bundle<br /> $ git clone<br />

Test syntastic (inside vim) <br /> :h syntastic<br />

Install flake8 (pep8, Pyflakes and Ned Batchelder’s McCabe script) <br /> $ sudo pip install flake8     # install globally<br />

$ pip install --user flake8  # install locally<br />

That’s it! When you next save a Python file, you’ll be delighted by what you see…

Any thoughts? Can you recommend an automatic PEP8-ifier?

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